Super fast cross-border payments for Nigeria built on blockchain

Cowrie provides businesses with a next-generation solution that increases speed and lowers the cost of international payments to and from Nigeria.

By issuing tokens backed by Naira on the global, decentralized, Stellar network, Cowrie eliminates costly foreign exchange and transaction fees and slow processing times associated with traditional banking rails.

Our Approach

We developed the Cowrie Exchange platform using digital tokens known as stablecoins.

We created NGNT, an asset backed digital token pegged to the Nigerian Naira that enables seamless conversion between fiat and other cryptocurrencies.
Cowrie Exchange is developed on the Stellar blockchain which is an open-source decentralized network for storing and moving money.

We help businesses make

Payments to vendors and suppliers internationally

Intercompany payments over disparate geographic regions

Building custom payment solutions using well documented APIs


How to tokenize NGNT

Tokenization is the process where real-world assets are made available as a crypto-token on a blockchain.


How to get NGNT

1. A user transfers Naira to Cowrie’s designated bank account

2. Once the transfer is received this trigger the equivalent NGNT amount to be sent to the user’s NGNT wallet

3. User receives NGNT in their wallet. This whole process takes on average less than 2 minutes to complete!


Redeeming NGNT for Naira

NGNT can be redeemed for Naira into any Nigerian bank account.

1. A user enters their destination bank account details into their NGNT wallet.

2. Account details are verified.

3. Once user confirms NGNT withdrawal, NGNT leaves the wallet and the destination account credited with Naira in less than 2 minutes!

Learn about how it works on the Cowrie Exchange


Client sends Naira into the COWREX platform from their bank account


The Naira is converted to digital tokens then to the destination currency ($ or €)  within seconds


The converted currency is sent to the destination bank account

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