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Instant conversion between fiat and crypto via bank transfer. Available 24 hours, 7 days every week.

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Fund any crypto wallet directly from your bank account. Works with other crypto exchanges like Binance.

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Decentralized platform. Stable digital currency. Secure exchange backed by fiat 100%.

All shades of awesomeness just tried it and it was super fast.
Just did a naira deposit and withdrawal in interstellar. Deposit took 20 seconds, withdrawal took 30 seconds. Wonderful feat!!!
I am really enjoying Cowrie Exchange Instant deposit and withdrawal You guys are the best.


Introducing NGNT, an asset backed digital token issued by Cowrie Exchange and pegged to the Nigerian Naira. Built on Stellar blockchain technology and integrated into the electronic banking system. Enables seamless conversion between fiat and crypto currency.


Trade NGNT with other digital tokens in a global market. Bring fiat liquidity to exchanges/decentralized exchanges. Hedge against the volatile price of crypto currency by using NGNT as a stablecoin.


NGNT can be redeemed for Naira directly from any wallet or exchange simply by sending NGNT to the redeeming address with a valid bank account number.

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How it Works

How it works
  • Register your wallet address to get a reference code then make a bank transfer to us and include the code
  • We automatically issue equivalent NGNT minus a fee into your wallet
  • You carry out transactions with NGNT (exchange for crypto currencies)
  • Redeem your NGNT at any time directly into your Naira bank account or withdraw cash at an ATM

About Us

Damola Taiwo
Ladi Okorodudu
Tola Ogunsola
Gbubemi Agbeyegbe
Dolapo Taiwo

Incorporated in the UK and Nigeria, Cowrie Integrated Systems is a fintech company that provides value added services over electronic payment networks.

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